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    Our Works

    We have gone a long way to stabilize the origin of our milk. With traceability down straight to each pasture, literally to each cow to make sure you have the healthiest milk ever. These photos were taken during our our regular farm-visit in the new zealand south island. It is our responsibility to ensure happiness while you enjoying the milk as well as those dairy cows we have sourced.


    Milk can be at low price as well as good quality running side by side. While our world are overwhelmed by neon dazzling big brands, consumers hence pay high price today for all those expenses on brands marketing and advertising fees. We as theROPdairy are directly working with the suppliers and selective distributors for the benefit of end-consumers like you. We remove layer of unnessary expanses and have served the world in the last couple decades of supplying good quality milk at the most reasonable price so every family can benefit for merely a good glass of milk. It is our good spirit to show the world that we care. And it is the same spirit that drives our good values in greetings and press-on serving the world everyday. This very values defines us, among our colleagues, we call them " theROPdairy spirit". Our values driven to stablize today turbulent milk-price. We hope you can join us someday in future! And we can't be more happy to see happy's smiles on family's face while enjoying a glass of milk we have supplied.

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