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    Company Profile

      The ROP Enterprises Sdn. Bhd., (known as "theROPdairy") was established in 1998 as a traditional househlod manufacturer of repacking of the origin of New Zealand Milk Powder. Other dairy products such as condensed sweetened milk, evaporated milk, evaporated full cream milk, full cream milk powder(known as whole milk powder), and skimmed milk powder have become mainstreamed and marketed successfully years later to many locations of the world. TheROPdairy has introduced LotteNidoo and RoyaleQueen as the available house brands. Both develops in several products of it owns, ranging from Instant Full Cream Milk Powder(top sellers!), Evaporated Filled Milk, Condensed Sweetened Milk to just Full Cream Milk. All of our dairy products are processed under strict manufacturing regulations as well as federal's supervision.

    TheROPdairy has been specially established for interaction with international customers. The ever increasing oversea orders encourage us to accommodate the rising demand of various dairy export business opportunities. And we are strategically located in Kuala Lumpur, the heart of south east asia for the convenience of visiting customers.

    TheROPdairy understand how troubles for transportation can one experience. And we serve as well to arrange timely manner services on shipment for customers to consolidate their cargoes to designated countries, those services include powdered milk handling & shipping handling. Every efforts are being recognised and applaused by customers that are being dealt with us. TheROPdairy commits for making sure not only your shipment arrive sound and safe at your place but at the reasonally costs that can benefit to your end customers. Satisfaction is guaranteed

    The yearly turnover of TheROPdairy is multimillion dollars. Business is ranging from diversified products. Our oversea customers come from Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, UAE, Pakistan, Central America, Iraq, Pacific Islander...etc. No matter which part of the world you are coming from, we will reach out to you so that your local community can be benefit from our fine products.

    We promote the quality on every item we deliver. An icon of "made in pride" has been printed in every item we have produced in declaring to the world that it is a quality product we are making. We are not only proud to be part of it but we live for it!

    Founder's Vission: To pursue fine quality dairy products for reaching out to all women and children at the most affordable rate.
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