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    Full Cream Milk Powder / Whole Milk Powder


    Product Description And Specification

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    Available in...


    a) English & French
    b) English & Arabic

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    Features on...


    a) Unlike other brands of mass production, we ONLY produce a limited quantity of LotteNidoo yearly in line with the limited premium source.
    b) contains only clean, secured green natural pure cow milk(full fat) ingredients.
    c) no sugar, coloring, flavors, addictives, preservatives of any kinds.
    d) most balanced diet available in protein, vitamins & minerals.
    e) 100% produced in New Zealand.
    f) recommended for 2-glass daily(aproximate to meet %DV).
    g) suitable for 6-old month baby to adults
    h) suitable for vegetarians
    i) Store in a cool, dry place. After reconstitution, store refrigerated below 4 degree and consume within 3 days.

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    Directions for use to make 1 litre milk:


    a) Add 1 and 1/3 cup(140g) of instant full cream milk powder to 2 cups of hot or cold water
    b) Stir until dissolved.
    c) Add more water to make up 1 litre.
    d) For best results always add powder to water.
    e) For richer flavor and extra nourishment, add additional milk powder to suit your personal taste.
    f) Best natural flavor can be obtained by storing reconstituted milk in the refrigerator overnight prior to consumption.

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    Products Photos

    a) Aluminum Tins  
    b) Aluminum Sachets(Pouches)   
    c) Paper boxes with sachets   
    * Use responsibly. Recycle tin after used.
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