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    Colostrum Milk Powder

    New Zealand Colostrum milk powder is natural bovine derived food supplement, and is sprayed-dried product made from fresh pasteurised colostrum milk derived from first 48-hour cow-birth (some called it "first-milk") that contains proteins, immunoglobulins (IgG), vitamins, amino acids and other growth bioactives components. Some calls this Superfoods!

    Product Description And Specification

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    Available in...


    a) 500gram aluminum pouche;
    b) 15Kg two-ply craftpaper with PE;

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    Features on...


    a) contains only clean, sterilised, natural pure cow milk ingredients.
    b) no sugar, coloring, flavors, addictives, preservatives of any kinds.
    c) contains IgG, complete nutrition and other bioactives components
    d) to support body immune system and gastrointestinal system;
    e) improves brain + body healthy growth & source of energy;
    f) excellent for growing children;
    g) suitable for vegetarians;
    h) 100% produced in New Zealand;

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    Directions for use:


    a) Add 35g of colostrum milk powder to an empty clean cup and then add a tea-spoon of luke warm water
    b) Slowly grind through the milk powder and stir until full dissolved.
    c) Add more water to fill up the cup.
    d) For best results always add powder to water.
    e) For richer flavor and extra nourishment, add full cream or skimmed milk powder or chocolate powder to suit your personal taste.
    f) Best natural flavor can be obtained by storing reconstituted milk in the refrigerator & seasoned below 4 degree overnight prior to consumption.

    * Use responsibly. Disposed responsibly.
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