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    Evaporated Milk/ Evaporated Filled Milk/ Evaporated Creamer

    This dehydrated full of milk richness recombined milk will be undoubtedly fusion into a brand new creamy way of your intended delights and push your senses into a higher ground.
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    Featuring on...

    1. pale yellowish milk with savory aroma
    2. recombined of natural skimmed milk and edible fats
    3. unsweetened
    4. smooth texture and highly creamy
    5. concentrated milk

    + 5-star is the most creamy
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    World Popular Applications (not in order particular):

    1. hot beverages;
    2. cold beverages;
    3. confectinery;
    4. savory gourmet;
    5. ice-cream;
    6. oak soup;

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    Product Bulletin

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    Products Photos

    170g    400g   
    * Not to be used as breast milk substitute.

    * Use responsibly. Recycle tin after used.
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    It's so Milklicious!

    LotteNidoo Evaporated Filled Milk all series
    LotteNidootm Evaporated Filled Milk is formulated especially for your tasty tongue on your cup of coffee, tea and all kinds of desserts. Made of skimmed milk powder in giving the smoothiness and thickness of liquid milk. It unleashes the rich milky refreshment to make your beverage creamy and silky smooth. Not withstanding the strong "cow" smell like others have, LotteNidootm evaporated filled milk is ingrediented of skimmed milk powder and homogenised with refined edilble fat(vegetable oil). It gives a fair creamy taste without taking away the original flavour of your cup of tea / coffee. LotteNidootm Evaporated Filled Milk is also an excellent ingredient in your savoury creamy rich dishes. Simply add into your cooking dishes to bring out the original delicacy which will leave your diner impressive! It is a healthcare nutritional dairy product with vitamins and protein fortified. Households in the world use it most often today for desserts and baking due to its unique flavor. It is a Cholestrol-free.

    LotteNidootm It is classic and evaporated filled milk is simply the good mate with your coffee and tea!

    Available in versions: 1) French & English; 3)Arabic & English;

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