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    Welcome to TheROPdairy. LotteNidoo instant milk specialty is what filled inside - the top graded powder milk, it is not just milk. Everyday milk such as full cream milk powder("whole milk powder"), skimmed milk powder("non-fat" or "low-fat"), condensed sweetened milk & sweetened creamer, unsweetened evaporated milk & evaporated creamer, infant & baby milk powder, sweet whey powder(swp) and butter milk powder(bmp) to generic nutritional powdered milk are uncommon to acquire especially few classified top-batch. With LotteNidoo, you can rest assure every tin is well worthy. For factories bulk purchases, you would likely be caught off-guard of sudden price-hike and influeced by its source of supply. If that sound about right, we just have the right solution for you. TheROPdairy is one of largest stockist of a wide range of premium selections of dried powdered milk. We have a cello in satisfying local's immediate need. All dairy products have been processed under stringent hygienic guidelines and standardized by today food safety standatization of GMP, HACCP & ISO.

    TheROPdairy is proudly supplying the world in two decades. Our products are now shipped and distributed worldwide.

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